intercomsIt’s truly incredible how Intercom Systems in Toronto can change one’s life! We offer related services for a long time and have witnessed the amazing benefits of intercoms to both commercial and residential customers in Ontario. With extensive knowledge of intercoms and all access control systems, the professionals of UTS Security Solutions can make wonders to the level of your security. Easy access but still full control over your property’s security is what makes your life easy and secure. We are happy to be of assistance and contribute to improving your security. We have been providing intercom system service Toronto for years and know exactly what to do in order to keep the system in good condition and also how to fix problems. You can all depend on our team!

Trust us for intercom systems installation

Interested in new Toronto Intercom Systems? Whether this will be your very first intercom or just want to upgrade or replace the existing one, our company can help. Our technicians are trained, knowledgeable and devoted and guarantee intercom system installation Toronto service. Our skills exceed every client’s expectations. The installation of new intercom takes place with great respect to the needs of the specific property, the demands of the client and the specifications of the manufacturer. We take everything into consideration, are accurate and utilize our expertise in order to ensure proper communication. We want our customers to get the best of their intercoms and that’s why we make sure they choose exactly what they need and is installed properly.

We maintain intercom systems in Toronto

If you have problems with the existing intercom, call us for intercom system repair Toronto. Thanks to the prudent organization of our team, our response time is fast. We try to take care of problems as soon as possible and manage to complete most repair services in one visit thanks to our expertise and the potentials of our machinery. We repair damage and take care of emergencies but we are also here for intercom system maintenance. By servicing the system regularly, we spare you from dealing with problems. We are here for preventive, repair and installation services and guarantee proficiency every single time.

View and talk flexibly

UTS Group offers various Video Intercom System to flexibly suit the size of your house or business and your needs, whilst watching over the safety of your entire property.

Our systems allow flexible layouts, easy installation and operation as well as huge level of safety in the residential and the commercial sourrounding.

Intercom Access

Key Features

  • Security mounted brackets keeping you safe
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Operates Globally*
  • Dual Power Battery & Mains
  • Pair Multiple Devices
  • Multiple Users
  • Quick & easy to install
  • Weather Proof
  • Push Notification
  • Low Battery Warning
  • Wi-Fi Signal Warning
  • Disconnect Warning
  • On/Off Line User Notification
  • Audio Only Function
  • Motion Sensor
  • Remote Video Activation
  • Privacy Mode
  • Night Vision
  • Voicemail Facility
  • Cloud Image Storage
  • HomeKit Compatible