Our company ensures upgraded security. We make everyone’s dream possible by offering Toronto security systems services in timely fashion. Who in Ontario doesn’t dream of secure properties? Whether people want to improve the security of their house or gain control of entry points at their company, they can count on UTS Security Solutions. If your question is why trusting our company among all other competitors, we simply answer by taking the right actions to enhancing property security. Words can hardly express the benefits of working with our company. From access control systems to CCTV equipment and the most innovative locking mechanisms, our professionals are knowledgeable of every little detail and able to service and install them.


We install security cameras

We install security cameras
CCTV security cams on white wall background.

The simplest answers to the most complex questions about security come from UTS Security Solutions. By finding tailored solutions for each client, our experts do not only manage to improve security but also make access easy and still controlled. Our company is blessed to work with a fascinated team of technicians, who can really take care of each client’s needs. We can evaluate everyone’s needs and like to approach and talk to our customers so that we understand which locksmith and access control solutions will be best for them. Prepared to supply customers with their ideal security cameras and systems, our company makes everyone’s life so much easier.


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We are all committed to high quality and to providing repair and installation services efficiently. When you rely on our CCTV installers in Toronto, you can be sure that the surveillance cameras will cover the exact angles you are interested to monitor. Our company is a great choice for everybody interested in finding quality equipment and services. We are friendly and still serious professionals. We are focused and also courteous. We are also interested in your security and care to find out whether an automatic and handicap door will suit your needs or you’d rather prefer to install alarms, buzzers and other equipment. Our professionals can install a combination of such security solutions, make excellent suggestions, service the existing systems and are at your service for every day repair needs.

Above all, we know how to make it work. We make it easy.

Network video is a specialist field. Although many companies and organisations have been using networked video systems for some time and have become familiar with the technology, we recognise that a lot of people and companies would like to reap the benefits but don’t know where to start. At UTS Group, we provide our customers with as much or as little help as they require. If you just want to buy equipment at a great price and get on with it yourself, utsgroup.ca caters for that. If you are unsure which product to choose, give us a ring and we can advise what is best for your application. If you need just a little help to get you started, use the Resource Centre on this website or use our Pre-configuration Service, which takes the initial set-up process away from you and delivers network cameras and network video servers to you in a plug and play setting, ready to go. If you do not have the resources to install the equipment, then make use of our installation service. We can advise you on what equipment is best for your application and take care of the whole installation.

UTS Security Systems

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